well well well, Wednesday again …

and wouldn’t you love to know the news from yesterday?!

here it is …

the gist of it was (and this is because i can’t remember all the legal jargon and actual words that were used)
the Judge seemed to quite like us, told us he respected what we were trying to do with the building, but legally he wasn’t allowed to give us possession …
and so we lost the legal battle, but he essentially told us (reading between a few lines) that he wanted to give it to us, and advised us we seek legal possession and try and strike up a deal with the owners

only the company that owns the building formerly known as Spin Bowling on City Road, Cardiff
called Bonne Mares Limited, are a dormant company based in Banbury, Oxon
and the only way we can find to contact them is by post …

which, naturally, we shall be doing ASAP
although we would prefer if we could  call them and arrange a personal meeting, otherwise we might be served the next set of papers and an actual eviction date before we can attempt to make a deal with these people

if you have any ideas on other ways of keeping our building alive, please let us know
(see contact us for more details)
or drop in for a visit
(see how to find us for information on where we are located)

and don’t forget we have another gig this coming Saturday
8pm ’til late o’clock
B.Y.O. instruments
although we were lucky enough to have been leant a guitar recently
pop round for a  night of fun and games and lovely live music
how bad could it be, eh?

love and rage
from the Gremlins at the Alley


About Gremlin Alley Social Centre

We are a newly squatted social centre in the heart of City Road, Cardiff, and we have hopes of turning the derelict, disused space of what was formerly known as 'Spin Bowling' into the flourishing heart of a newly-blosomed community. We have been resisting eviction since 4th October 2012.
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