Gremlin Alley update

well guys, here it is …
the beginning of the end …

we regret to announce that Gremlin Alley won’t be in existence for much longer
you know what we’re like, we don’t have an official  leaving date yet
but we’re struggling to keep the place alive
and, despite the best efforts from the supporting members of the general public and ourselves, this project is hardly working …


it’s a numbers thing, guys, there just aren’t enough of us to sufficiently cope
and as much as we really want to continue this free-run community project
it’s not looking very likely to succeed …

this post is part call-out, part farewell
it won’t be our last post, but even our sources of tinternet are running sparse at the moment

so please
if you want the building formerly known as Spin to continue transforming itself into a free social centre for all of Cardiff to enjoy
let us know via email, phone or personal visit
(see contact us page for details)

it’s likely that the ol’ bowling alley will continue to rot away, unused and unloved
until either a braver and more competent crew of people gives it another shot
or it’s knocked down and lost forever

i wish we had more control over the situation than this
but, once again
(as is often the way with the world)
pure maths has got the better of our hopes and dreams


love and rage
from us to you


About Gremlin Alley Social Centre

We are a newly squatted social centre in the heart of City Road, Cardiff, and we have hopes of turning the derelict, disused space of what was formerly known as 'Spin Bowling' into the flourishing heart of a newly-blosomed community. We have been resisting eviction since 4th October 2012.
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