Gremlin alley eviction resistance happening now!

News from Indymedia UK:
This morning activists and anarchists have rallied round to defend Gremlin Alley, the squatted bowling alley and cinema on City Road, in Roath, Cardiff.
The eviction resistance is also in solidarity with Alex Haig, the 21 year old squatter who was the first squatter sentenced to prison under the new anti-squatting law, which began on September 1st this year.

Occupied Spin bowling - now Gremlin Alley, City Road, Cardiff
Occupied Spin bowling – now Gremlin Alley, City Road, Cardiff

The bailiffs arrived around 10am this morning and seeing the support outside the 100 year old building, which opened as the Gaiety Cinema and skating rink in 1912, and realising they had no hope getting through, called the cops for back up.

The cops though, didn’t stick around for long, and conversations were overheard about a meeting between cops and bailiffs in Cathays, the neighbouring area.

About an hour later cops and bailiffs came back, but decided against trying anything and left again shortly after. The resistance stayed strong and when two cops came back to try and talk to the resisters were politely told to “go and fuck themselves”.

The state tries to make people homeless, anarchists have no sympathy for the state and it’s lackeys.

UPDATE: 12:05pm lots of cops just arrived. Stand by for an update – together we are the resistance!


Support welcome!

P.S. This is the first atempted resistance of an occupied building under eviction in Cardiff for around a decade!

Come and show your support:
find us at 195 – 197 City Road, Roath, Cardiff.

Love from the Gremlins x

UPDATE 2:45pm 04/10

Latest update is that cops scaled down to between two and five in the last hour and have just been stood across the road with two bailiffs and the janitor. No attempt at entry so far.

Still several squatters on the roof wearing masks, and a few people still outside, but not as many as before.

Passing cars have been supportive, with one woman apparently saying “don’t move, stay strong!”

And the house over the road near where the cops are standing playing Public Enemy, Rage against the Machine and CRASS loadly through the upstairs window! Last we heard the Autonomads had just been requested, but folks on the roof are after black paint to make signs to save shouting requests across the road and food is also welcomed (vegan if possible).

Photos from the day due up shortly…but more to come as they haven’t gone…

And thanks for the messages of support received from places ranging from Swansea to Brighton!

Solidarity to all squaters and Alex Haigh!


Gremlins still resisting – 10am 05/10

We’re queer and were still here! Update coming soon…

Gremlin news – 10:20am 05/10

Cops this morning threatened to break in regarding one our banners “fuck the fucking fuckers” under public order. We’ve now removed it to lengthen the resistance after 24hrs of naughty behaviour. Cops have passed since and seem to of not noticed rather than pull over. In response is more banners! Traveller, cuts cafe and queer/trans solidarity. Communique on its way.

Raid averted?


About Gremlin Alley Social Centre

We are a newly squatted social centre in the heart of City Road, Cardiff, and we have hopes of turning the derelict, disused space of what was formerly known as 'Spin Bowling' into the flourishing heart of a newly-blosomed community. We have been resisting eviction since 4th October 2012.
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