A network of squatters formed in Cardiff

From Cardiff Squatters (Network):

Hello, we exist now. A network of squatters, travelers, the unrooted, homeless people, and supporters.

We’re now meeting monthly and are hosting our first event, a Squatters/Travelers Workshop & Skillshare on Thursday 20th December at 3pm, venue to be confirmed. This will be an hour discussing the law around squatting, recent changes, and how to still squat legally in commercial  buildings. Followed by another hour skill-sharing how to secure and occupy spaces to live in.

We are currently organising events, planning projects, plotting against further criminalisation, setting up a squatters estate agents, and creating a support network for people currently squatting and for others interested in doing so.

Contact us at cardiffsquatters@riseup.net to get involved.
Find us at http://www.cardiff.squat.net to stay updated.
Love & Rage!

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New opinion polls – some feedback please?

We’ve added a few new polls to the opinion polls page, or see below, so let us know what we’ve done well, or could do well, and how long you think we’ll be around for…

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Social Centre Update 16/11

So we have an exciting weekend coming up soon, our acoustic music and poetry nights are back and we will also be hosting a really really really really free market.

If you come along to both, you’ll get free prizes, keep an eye out on these event pages for more details as they arise.

Also check out the new website layout, and opinion polls we’ve added, not bad uh?

Love and Rage,
~ Gremlins x

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Yet Another Acoustic Music & Open Mic Night – 24th Nov

[Poster coming soon!]

So, it’s been a while since the last one. But following the success of our last gig and our excellent queer night we will be hosting another open musical gathering.

Entry is completely free, although donations are welcomed (£3 suggestion) and any donation will go towards running the space or potentially towards anti-deportation and animals rights groups such as the hunt saboteurs.

Some free food will be provided, bring some with you to share. Bring your own beverages but particularly foolish drunkenness won’t be tolerated. Anyone is welcome to play, send a message if you’d like to be added to the posters. Keep an eye out here for acts as they appear.

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A Really Really Free Market – 25th Nov

A Really Really Free Market organized by Autonomous Athens in Athens, GA on Mayday 2007.

For those of you who don’t know, really really free markets are groups of people who form temporary markets based on the idea of a gift economy. This means that no money exchanges hands, people create things out of passion and give them freely whilst also taking what they desire and need from others freely. Everything is free!

We are officially opening Gremlin Alley up for a day of free exchange, free food, free love, freedom, free stuff, free art, free workshops, free stalls, free cakes, free fun, free hugs, free music, freegans etc etc. So come along, bring some stuff and take some stuff and have a good time. The most innovative stall wins something free! (exciting!)

Love and Rage, Gremlins

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Video from resisting eviction, October 5th

Who’s got the control??

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Benefit evening this Thursday for Gremlins: Meal, talk, clips, tombola and film @ Kebele Social Centre, Bristol

Last Thursday of the month film night @ Kebele Social Centre, Bristol

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