Current & Potential Projects

At this stage of the game, we’re very much still on the ideas side of things, but we’re eager to have local members of the surrounding public community contribute their dreams and visions for the potential use of this space.

As it stands, we have / are doing the following:

-A performance and arts based space, including, but by no means limited to, drama and dance performances, staged music and art and sculpture exhibitions

workshops in the above mentioned activities, as well as other arts & crafts related skill-shares such as banner and puppet making, print-making, sticker-making, stencling and graffiti

library a small collective library for people to borrow, share, donate and otherwise exchange books, magazines

infoshop a collection of zines on a range of topics including, but not limited to; guerrilla gardening, anarchism, DIY, gender politics, animal liberation and oppression.

we also have the following plans in mind:


a  cafe and a free people’s kitchen

freeshop still in the works, but we now have a excess of clothes and other discarded property to transform an area  of the space into one 🙂

guerilla gardening on the rooftop, to add to the refreshing amount of green amongst the city grime
(it’s nice to to see trees in the sky from a distance!)

a skate ramp and climbing wall incorporated into the yarden space on the side of the building

‘addicts anonymous’ support group sessions for people addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, work, shopping, self-harm, anything that you feel you need help with overcoming, if you truly do feel you want to change certain aspects of your life for the better – come and visit Gremlin Alley, we’re aiming to assemble a team of kind-hearted humans to help with these kinds of situations

this is the basic bulk of our intial aims for the use of space, but the building has as much potential as you want it to have, so if you have  a suggestion of any sort let us know as soon as possible

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